Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities that
meet the following constraints:

 * Utilities, not extensions: Alexandria will not contain conceptual
   extensions to Common Lisp, instead limiting itself to tools and
   utilities that fit well within the framework of standard ANSI
   Common Lisp. Test-frameworks, system definitions, logging
   facilities, serialization layers, etc. are all outside the scope of
   Alexandria as a library, though well within the scope of Alexandria
   as a project.

 * Conservative: Alexandria limits itself to what project members
   consider conservative utilities. Alexandria does not and will not
   include anaphoric constructs, loop-like binding macros, etc.

 * Portable: Alexandria limits itself to portable parts of Common
   Lisp. Even apparently conservative and useful functions remain
   outside the scope of Alexandria if they cannot be implemented
   portably. Portability is here defined as portable within a
   conforming implementation: implementation bugs are not considered
   portability issues.


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  (To build docs locally: cd doc && make html pdf info)


  Patches are always welcome! Please send them to the mailing list as
  attachments, generated by "git format-patch -1".

  Patches should include a commit message that explains what's being
  done and /why/, and when fixing a bug or adding a feature you should
  also include a test-case.

  Be advised though that right now new features are unlikely to be
  accepted until 1.0 is officially out of the door.
Nikodemus Siivola and others., Nikodemus Siivola <>, and others.
Public Domain / 0-clause MIT