API Reference


A simple interface to the API of the play-thru captcha of areYouAHuman.com


  • Variable *WEB-SERVICE-HOST*
    The default web service host for the areyouahuman play-thru captcha.
  • Variable *PUBLISHER-KEY*
    Identifies you and your application to the areyouahuman web service.
  • Variable *SCORING-KEY*
    Used to retrieve pass or fail results from areyouahuman web service.
  • Function PUBLISHER-HTML (&key (publisher-key *publisher-key*) (host *web-service-host*))
    Returns HTML snippet to be inserted within the html form to display play-thru content. Will pass the parameter session_secret on submit to be passed onto the function human-p
  • Function HUMAN-P (session-secret &key (scoring-key *scoring-key*) (host *web-service-host*))
    session-secret should be the value of the parameter session_secret submitted by the form containing publisher-html. Returns boolean value indicating whether the client passed the captcha test.
  • Function RECORD-CONVERSATION-HTML (session-secret &key (host *web-service-host*))
    Returns the HTML snippet needed to be embedded in the confirmation page after a form submission. Once the code loads on the page it will record a conversion with our system. session-secret Pass in the value of the hidden input field with id='session_secret'


Describe ayah-captcha-demo here


  • Function START-DEMO-SERVER (&optional (port 8080))
    Start the server
    Stop the server