cl-autorepo is a simple lisp library to ease inclusion of
non-Quicklisp libraries from repositories.

For example, to load my File System DataBase library:

  (ql:quickload "cl-autorepo")
  (cl-autorepo:add-system "fsdb" "" :git)
  (ql:quickload "fsdb")

You can add ADD-SYSTEM calls to your library system definition (.asd)
files, to auto-download systems that aren't yet in Quicklisp.

Downloaded systems are kept in ~/.local/share/common-lisp/source/,
which is one of the places ASDF looks for systems by default.

There is currently no support for updating libraries. You can easily
do that yourself with "git pull", "svn update", etc.

I've included support for git, svn, darcs, and hg. You can add another
respository type with a simple DOWNLOAD-REPO method. Send it to me,
and I'll add it.

One way to autoload cl-autorepo itself, before it becomes part of
Quicklisp, is the code below:

(load "~/quicklisp/setup")              ;may be in your init file

(unless (or (find-package :cl-autorepo)
            (ignore-errors (ql:quickload "cl-autorepo")))
  (let* ((dir "~/.local/share/common-lisp/source/")
         (autorepo-asd (merge-pathnames "cl-autorepo/cl-autorepo.asd" dir))
         (url ""))
    (asdf:run-shell-command "mkdir -p ~a;cd ~a;git clone ~a" dir dir url)
    (load autorepo-asd)
    (ql:quickload "cl-autorepo")))

For an example of using cl-autorepo in a real system, see:

Tested in ccl 1.7-r14927M and SBCL

Bill St. Clair
11 August, 2011
Bill St. Clair <>