This is a CFFI wrapper around a LZMA foreign library, compiled straight out of the official LZMA SDK C binary.

There is no portable Lisp LZMA (de)compressor because: * the algorithm is complicated * the LZMA SDK is very obfuscated code * there is hardly any documentation for LZMA algorithm * there is no known workforce that can rewrite this in Lisp.


  • write a proper README, since the code seems to be working on my machine


Right now, Windows and Linux x32/x64 binaries are provided.

To compile your own: 1. Install the official LZMA SDK from Igor Pavlov. 2. Modify /C/Util/Lzma/makefile.gcc, add -fPIC to CFLAGS. 3. Issue make, which will build all object files. 4. Build the shared library file. On Linux, this is $ gcc -shared -O2 -Wall -D_7ZIP_ST -fPIC -o *.o - on other platforms, I bet you can figure it out. 5. Put the file anywhere you want and load it with CFFI.

Credits and inspirations

This is based on - a CFFI wrapper that I quickly hacked up.

This is based on which is a C interface to the LZMA SDK.

Micha? "phoe" Herda <>
Public domain