This is a Common Lisp library providing access to the Moneris payment
processing ( HTTPS POST API.

The basic use pattern is to create a merchant-token with your store's
information (API token, store ID, and the access URI you received from
Moneris), then call the 'process' function with the merchant-token and
a transaction (you can create transactions with the 'purchase,'
'correction,' and 'refund' functions provided - see their
documentation strings for details). 'process' returns multiple values:

txn-id           - transaction ID
code             - numeric response code
code-description - response code description
message          - message returned in response
response-xml     - parsed XML of response
response-string  - raw XML response string

response-xml contains all the information you need to generate a
client receipt/invoice; consult the Moneris API documentation
( to learn about
its format and fields.

The file test/moneris-test.lisp provides examples using the Moneris
API test server.

cl-moneris was originally authored by Wade Humeniuk. It was converted
and released by Vladimir Sedach <>

cl-moneris is available under the ISC (BSD) license, except for the
unit tests, which are released into the public domain.
Vladimir Sedach <>
ISC, Public Domain
isc, web api