Cl-pslib is a (thin) wrapper around pslib a library for generating PostScript files.

The wrapper

Cl-pslib use CFFI and SWIG to interface with foreign (non lisp) library and generate the low-level lisp wrapper respectively.

cl-pslib does not export the raw (CFFI) pslib API but use CLOS instead.

A psdoc C struct pointer is wrapped in the class psdoc, most of the functions to manipulate this pointer are wrapped in lisp methods specialized for that class.


Pslib use a lot of parameters to configure its behavior.


 (get-value doc "boxheight")

I found this very unpractical so i tried to generate lisp constants to match the corresponding string parameter

 (get-value doc +value-key-boxheight+)

Function name

As general rule the methods for the class psdoc are the same of the ones of the pslib with the character "_" substituted by "-".

There are some exceptions listed below.

native name lisp name
PS_set_border_color set-border-link-color
PS_set_border_dash set-border-link-dash
PS_set_border_style set-border-link-style
PS_open, PS_open_mem open-doc
PS_fill fill-path
PS_show and PS_show2 show
PS_show_xy and PS_show_xy2 show-xy
PS_string_geometry, PS_stringwidth and PS_stringwidth2 string-geometry
PS_symbol font-symbol
PS_symbol_name font-symbol-name
PS_symbol_width font-symbol-width

Other differences

  • setcolor can accept a cl-color object as parameter;
  • there is no '(ps_)boot' method; when an instance of psdoc in created the 'initialize-instance' of that class will call ps_boot if needed. The same is true for '(ps_)new' method;
  • 'open-doc' method will pass the output of pslib (i.e.the PostScript file) to a lisp callback function if the second argument of the function is nil; by default the callback just copy the output in ps:*callback-string*. This maybe can be useful for generate a file in a web application.
  • the string-geometry method return an instance of text-metrics class


Note that the whole library is in an alpha stage, testing is still in progress, please see section below

Missing function

The high-level API does not still remap this functions:

  • PS_free_glyph_list;
  • PS_get_buffer;
  • PS_glyph_list;
  • PS_new2;
  • PS_open_fp;
  • PS_hyphenate;
  • PS_list_parameters;
  • PS_list_resources;
  • PS_list_values;
  • PS_set_gstate;
  • PS_setdash (use set-polydash instead).


Please file bug report on the issue tracker


This library is released under Lisp Lesser General Public license (see COPYING.LESSER file)

Examples are released under GPL version 3 or later


This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

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