cl-rsvg2 is a Common Lisp binding to RSVG Library to allow rendering
SVGs to Cairo surfaces.

It requires cffi, asdf, cl-cairo2, cl-gtk2, trivial-gray-streams, and
naturally, librsvg.

So far it has been tested against librsvg 2.34.1 with SBCL 1.0.54 under
Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

It is a fork of cl-rsvg by Sasha Kovar which was using cl-cairo instead
of cl-cairo2.  It also uses the cl-gtk2-glib system of cl-gtk2 for a
few definitions that cl-rsvg made itself.  If anyone should want to use
the library but like to avoid this dependency, contact me so I can make
a light version without it.

The mapping was somewhat minimal in cl-rsvg.  I added FFI declarations
for most (non-deprecated) functions of the RSVG Library, but tested only
some of them.  The GdkPixmap functions are in a seperate sytem which
depends upon cl-ftk2-gdk.  The well supported functionaly consists only
of what is required to load SVG files and render them to Cairo.  The
highest level wrappers are DRAW-SVG-DATA and DRAW-SVG-FILE, the later of
which is doing just that.  If you have used some of the untested
functionality and noticed problems, or wish for more functionality,
contact me!

The newest functionality (in highly experimental state) is the
HANDLE-DATA-STREAM class.  As of yet, it is completely untested.
Its purpose is to make it possible to treat a RsvgHandle as a stream,
i.e. feed it data with WRITE-SEQUENCE and WRITE-BYTE.

tests/cairo-test.lisp contains example usage.

See also: (Reference Manual)

* Add docstrings for all exported functions.

R?rd Hinrichsen <>
Sasha Kovar <>, R?rd Hinrichsen <>
R?rd Hinrichsen <>