API Reference


CLFSWM: Fullscreen Window Manager


  • Function RECTANGLE-X (instance)
  • Function (setf RECTANGLE-X) (value instance)
  • Function RECTANGLE-Y (instance)
  • Function (setf RECTANGLE-Y) (value instance)
  • Function RECTANGLE-WIDTH (instance)
  • Function (setf RECTANGLE-WIDTH) (value instance)
  • Function RECTANGLE-HEIGHT (instance)
  • Function (setf RECTANGLE-HEIGHT) (value instance)
  • Function MAKE-RECTANGLE (&key ((x x) nil) ((y y) nil) ((width width) nil) ((height height) nil))
  • Macro AWHEN (test &body body)
  • Macro AIF (test then &optional else)
  • Function CONFIGVAR-VALUE (instance)
  • Function (setf CONFIGVAR-VALUE) (value instance)
  • Function CONFIGVAR-GROUP (instance)
  • Function (setf CONFIGVAR-GROUP) (value instance)
  • Variable *CONFIG-VAR-TABLE*
    (make-hash-table :test #'equal)
  • Macro DEFCONFIG (name value group doc)
  • Function CONFIG-DEFAULT-VALUE (var)
  • Function CONFIG-GROUP->STRING (group)
  • Function FIND-IN-HASH (val hashtable &optional (test #'equal))
    Return the key associated to val in the hashtable
  • Function SEARCH-IN-HASH (val hashtable)
    Return the key who match the val in the hashtable
  • Function VIEW-HASH-TABLE (title hashtable)
  • Function COPY-HASH-TABLE (hashtable)
  • Function NFUNCALL (function)
  • Function PFUNCALL (function &rest args)
  • Function SYMBOL-SEARCH (search symbol)
    Search the string 'search' in the symbol name of 'symbol'
  • Function CREATE-SYMBOL (&rest args)
  • Function CREATE-SYMBOL-IN-PACKAGE (package &rest args)
  • Function CALL-HOOK (hook &rest args)
    Call a hook (a function, a symbol or a list of functions) Return the result of the last hook
  • Macro ADD-NEW-HOOK (hook &rest value)
    Add a hook. Duplicate it if needed
  • Macro ADD-HOOK (hook &rest value)
    Add a hook only if not duplicated
  • Macro REMOVE-HOOK (hook &rest value)
  • Function CLEAR-TIMERS
  • Function ADD-TIMER (delay fun &optional (id (gensym)))
    Start the function fun at delay seconds.
  • Function AT (delay fun &optional (id (gensym)))
    Start the function fun at delay seconds.
  • Macro WITH-TIMER ((delay &optional (id '(gensym))) &body body)
    Same thing as add-timer but with syntaxic sugar
    Call each timers in *timer-list* if needed
  • Function ERASE-TIMER (id)
    Erase the timer identified by its id
  • Macro DBG (&rest forms)
  • Macro DBGNL (&rest forms)
  • Function DBGC (obj &optional newline)
  • Function IN-RECTANGLE (x y rectangle)
  • Function DISTANCE (x1 y1 x2 y2)
  • Function COLLECT-ALL-SYMBOLS (&optional package)
  • Macro WITH-ALL-INTERNAL-SYMBOLS ((var package) &body body)
    Bind symbol to all internal symbols in package
  • Function EXPORT-ALL-FUNCTIONS (package &optional (verbose nil))
  • Function EXPORT-ALL-VARIABLES (package &optional (verbose nil))
  • Function EXPORT-ALL-FUNCTIONS-AND-VARIABLES (package &optional (verbose nil))
  • Function ENSURE-FUNCTION (object)
  • Function EMPTY-STRING-P (string)
  • Function FIND-COMMON-STRING (string list &optional orig)
    Return the string in common in all string in list
  • Function COMMAND-IN-PATH (&optional (tmpfile "/tmp/clfswm-cmd.tmp"))
  • Macro SETF/= (var val)
    Set var to val only when var not equal to val
  • Function NUMBER->CHAR (number)
  • Function NUMBER->STRING (number)
  • Function NUMBER->LETTER (n &optional (base 26))
  • Function SIMPLE-TYPE-OF (object)
  • Function REPEAT-CHARS (n char)
    Return a string containing N CHARs.
  • Function NTH-INSERT (n elem list)
    Insert elem in (nth n list)
  • Function SPLIT-STRING (string &optional (separator #\ ))
    Return a list from a string splited at each separators
  • Function SUBSTRING-EQUAL (substring string)
  • Function STRING-MATCH (match list &optional key)
    Return the string in list witch match the match string
    Is the character an alphanumeric or one of the following characters: -, _, ., +, =, *, :, %.
  • Function APPEND-NEWLINE-SPACE (string)
    Append spaces before Newline on each line
  • Function EXPAND-NEWLINE (list)
    Expand all newline in strings in list
  • Function ENSURE-LIST (object)
    Ensure an object is a list
  • Function ENSURE-PRINTABLE (string &optional (new #\?))
    Ensure a string is printable in ascii
  • Function LIMIT-LENGTH (string &optional (length 10))
  • Function ENSURE-N-ELEMS (list n)
    Ensure that list has exactly n elements
  • Function BEGIN-WITH-2-SPACES (string)
  • Function STRING-EQUAL-P (x y)
  • Function FIND-ASSOC-WORD (word line &optional (delim #\"))
    Find a word pair
  • Function PRINT-SPACE (n &optional (stream *standard-output*))
    Print n spaces on stream
  • Function ESCAPE-STRING (string &optional (escaper '(#\/ #\: #\) #\( #\ #\; #\,)) (char #\_))
    Replace in string all characters found in the escaper list
  • Function FIRST-POSITION (word string)
    Return true only if word is at position 0 in string
  • Function FIND-FREE-NUMBER (l)
    Return a number that is not in the list l.
  • Function DO-EXECUTE (program args &optional (wt nil) (io :stream))
    execute program with args a list containing the arguments passed to the program if wt is non-nil, the function will wait for the execution of the program to return. returns a two way stream connected to stdin/stdout of the program
  • Function DO-SHELL (program &optional args (wait nil) (io :stream))
  • Function FDO-SHELL (formatter &rest args)
  • Function DO-SHELL-OUTPUT (formatter &rest args)
  • Function GETENV (var)
    Return the value of the environment variable.
  • Function (setf GETENV) (val var)
    Set an environment variable.
  • Function UQUIT
  • Function URUN-PROG (prog &rest opts &key args (wait t) &allow-other-keys)
    Common interface to shell. Does not return anything useful.
  • Function USHELL (&rest strings)
  • Function USH (string)
  • Function USHELL-LOOP (&optional (shell-fun #'ushell))
  • Function CLDEBUG (&rest rest)
  • Function STRING-TO-LIST (str &key (split-char #\ ))
  • Function NEAR-POSITION (chars str &key (start 0))
  • Function STRING-TO-LIST-MULTICHAR (str &key (split-chars '(#\ )) (preserve nil))
  • Function LIST-TO-STRING (lst)
  • Function CLEAN-STRING (string)
    Remove Newline and upcase string
  • Function ONE-IN-LIST (lst)
  • Function EXCHANGE-ONE-IN-LIST (lst1 lst2)
  • Function ROTATE-LIST (list)
  • Function ANTI-ROTATE-LIST (list)
  • Function N-ROTATE-LIST (list steps)
  • Function APPEND-FORMATED-LIST (base-str lst &key (test-not-fun #'(lambda (x) x nil)) (print-fun #'(lambda (x) x)) (default-str ""))
  • Function SHUFFLE-LIST (list &key (time 1))
    Shuffle a list by swapping elements time times
  • Function CONVERT-TO-NUMBER (str)
  • Function PARSE-INTEGER-IN-LIST (lst)
    Convert all integer string in lst to integer
  • Function NEXT-IN-LIST (item lst)
  • Function PREV-IN-LIST (item lst)
  • Function DATE-STRING
  • Function DATE-STRING
  • Function WRITE-BACKTRACE (filename &optional other-info clear)
  • Function MEMORY-USAGE
  • Function MEMORY-USAGE
  • Function CPU-USAGE
  • Function BATTERY-USAGE
  • Function BATTERY-ALERT-STRING (bat)
  • Function START-SYSTEM-POLL (delay)
  • Function SYSTEM-USAGE-POLL (&optional (delay 10))


  • Variable *VERSION*
    "version: 13??   built    06:11:41    wednesday february 05 2020 "


    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
  • Function ESCAPE-HTML (string &optional (replace '((">" "&gt;") ("<" "&lt;"))))
  • Function PRODUCE-HTML (tree &optional (level 0) (stream *standard-output*))
  • Macro WITH-HTML ((&optional (stream t)) &rest rest)
  • Function PRODUCE-HTML-STRING (tree &optional (level 0))


  • Function EXIT-CLFSWM
    Exit clfswm
  • Function RESET-CLFSWM
    Reset clfswm
  • Function MAIN (&key (display (or (getenv "display") ":0")) protocol (read-conf-file-p t) (alternate-conf nil))
  • Function RELOAD-CLFSWM
    Reload clfswm