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MOP-based configuration of CLOS instances.


Automatically derive a schema for a class based on its slots.
  • Generic-Function OPTION-INITARG (option class)
    Return the initarg symbol that should be used when building an initarg for CLASS corresponding to OPTION and its value. Methods implementing specialized behavior can specialize this method for option, cell and schema-item subclasses.
  • Method OPTION-INITARG ((option standard-option) (class t))
  • Method OPTION-INITARG ((option option-cell) (class t))
  • Method OPTION-INITARG ((option standard-schema-item) (class t))
  • Generic-Function CLASS-SCHEMA (class &key documentation)
    Return a schema object for CLASS. If supplied, DOCUMENTATION is used as the documentation of the returned schema. If DOCUMENTATION is not supplied, the documentation of CLASS is used.
  • Generic-Function CLASS-SCHEMA-ITEMS (class)
    Return a list of schema item descriptions for CLASS. The returned item descriptions are of the form (KIND NAME ITEM) where KIND is :item, NAME is the name of the item within the schema and ITEM is the `schema-item' object.
  • Generic-Function CLASS-SCHEMA-SLOTS (class)
    Return the list of effective slots of CLASS for which `schema-item's can be constructed.
  • Generic-Function SLOT-SUITABLE-FOR-SCHEMA? (class slot)
    Return true if an item for SLOT should be included in a schema for CLASS.
  • Generic-Function SLOT-SCHEMA-ITEM (class slot)
    Return a suitable schema item object for SLOT in CLASS.
  • Generic-Function SLOT-SCHEMA-ITEM-TYPE (class slot slot-type)
    Return a type specifier for the schema item representing SLOT with type SLOT-TYPE in CLASS.
  • Method CLASS-SCHEMA ((class class) &key (documentation (documentation class t)))
  • Method CLASS-SCHEMA-ITEMS ((class class))
  • Method SLOT-SUITABLE-FOR-SCHEMA? ((class class) (slot effective-slot-definition))
  • Method CLASS-SCHEMA-SLOTS ((class class))
  • Method SLOT-SCHEMA-ITEM ((class class) (slot effective-slot-definition))
  • Method SLOT-SCHEMA-ITEM-TYPE ((class class) (slot t) (type t))


Integration with the puri system.

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Integration with the quri system.

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Configuration for services defined using the architecture.service-provider system.


Instantiate service providers according to configuration options.
  • Generic-Function SERVICE-SCHEMA (service &key documentation)
    Return a configuration schema for SERVICE. SERVICE can be either a service instance or a `service-designator'. DOCUMENTATION, if supplied, replaces the default, automatically generated documentation string for the created schema. The returned schema contains a schema-item of the appropriate `member' type for selecting one of the available providers of SERVICE along with schema-items for configuring individual providers.
  • Generic-Function PROVIDER-SCHEMA (service provider &key documentation)
    Return a configuration schema for PROVIDER of SERVICE. DOCUMENTATION, if supplied, replaces the default, automatically generated documentation string for the created provider.
  • Method SERVICE-SCHEMA ((service symbol) &rest args &key documentation)
  • Generic-Function MAKE-PROVIDER-USING-CONFIGURATION (service provider configuration)
    Make and return a provider of SERVICE according to PROVIDER and CONFIGURATION. PROVIDER is a `service-provider:provider-designator' that selects the provider of SERVICE. CONFIGURATION is a configuration the options of which should be turned into initargs for the created provider.
  • Type PROVIDER-DESIGNATOR-MEMBER (&rest values)
  • Method SERVICE-SCHEMA ((service standard-service) &key (documentation (format nil "configuration options of the ~a ~ service." (service-name service))))
  • Method PROVIDER-SCHEMA ((service t) (provider class-provider) &key (documentation (documentation provider t)))
  • Method MAKE-PROVIDER-USING-CONFIGURATION ((service t) (provider class-provider) (configuration t))
  • Method SERVICE-SCHEMA ((service change-hook-mixin) &key documentation)


INI syntax configuration source.

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XML-syntax configuration source.

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