Closure XML Parser

   An XML parser written in Common Lisp.

   Closure XML was written by Gilbert Baumann (unk6 at as part of the Closure web browser.

   Contributions to the parser by
     * Henrik Motakef (hmot at
     * David Lichteblau (

   CXML implements a namespace-aware, validating XML 1.0 parser
   as well as the DOM Level 2 Core interfaces. Two parser interfaces
   are offered, one SAX-like, the other similar to StAX.

   CXML is licensed under Lisp-LGPL.

   Send bug reports to


   Please refer to for details.

   The documentation is also available in the doc/ subdirectory of this
   source distribution, run `make' in that directory to build HTML
   for the XML sources (requires xsltproc).
parser, xml