Diagram Make Language for Common Lisp.You can look DML as Domain Specific Language for drawing UML.



If you use quicklisp. To install dml to '~/quicklisp/local-projects/', in your shell:

$ cd ~/quicklisp/local-projects/
$ git clone

System 'dml' will then be loadbale via (ql:quickload :dml). The systems that dml depended on (donuts, cl-cario2 etc.) will automatically download to local disk on the first loading.

(ql:quickload :dml)

Quick start by examples

To run examples, load dml system and change current package to 'dml'.

(ql:quickload :dml)
(use-package :dml) ;; or (in-package :dml)

Quick Start for Sequence Diagram

  1. A synchronous message & retrun in a formated string : '==>' <object name> '.' <message label> '/' <return label>
  2. A asynchronous message in a formated string: '-->' <object name> '.' <message label>
  3. A new message in a fromated string : 'n->' <object> '.' <object name > '.' <mesasge label>
  4. Any object name begin with '!' is a active object
  5. A sequence list of messages in macro '&prog'
  6. A message with follwing sub-messages in mcaro '&chain'
  7. A optional/alternative frame with guard condtion and messages in macro '&opt' or '&if'
  8. A loop frame with guard and message in macro '&loop'
  9. Any macro ('&prog' ,'&chain', '&opt', '&if' and '&loop') can be nested in each other

Examples of Sequence Diagram

Evalate expression:

(dml-create-sequence "legend" ()
  (&prog "==>ObjectA.SyncMsg1()/ret1" 
         (&chain "==>ObjectA.SyncMsg2()/ret2"

Will output image:

Evalate Expression:

(dml-create-sequence "nested" ()
  (&chain "==>"
          (&prog (&chain "==>"
                 (&chain "==>slime.Hacking()/"
                         (&chain "==>slime.LookupHyperSpec()"
                                 (&prog "==>chrome:Explorer.Start()/"

Will output image:

Evalate Expression:

(dml-create-sequence "control" ()
  (&chain "==>:PersonFile.LoadAllGoodMan()/"
          (&loop "[ hasNext ]"
                 (&prog "==>:PersonFile.readNext()/"
                        (&if "[ Is Good Man ]"
                             (&prog "n=>"

Will output image:

Quick Start for Graph Diargam

  1. Define Graph by edges that linked nodes.
  2. Define nodes by functions ( name of node is the first argument ):'full-class', 'simp-class', 'actor', 'pack', 'ucas', 'comp'
  3. Get Predefined node by name '@name'.
  4. Define edges by functions (two nodes is arguments): '-dep-', '-com-', '-agg-', '-gen-by-'.

Examples of Graph Diagram

Evalate expression:

(dml-create-graph "dml-component" (:rankdir :LR)
  (-dep-- "use"
          (comp "DML")
          (comp "donuts")
          (comp "Graphviz")))

Will output image:

Evalate expression:

(dml-create-graph "os-class" ()
  (with-method ("+ play () : Love" "+ work () : Hate")
     (full-class "OS"
                 (attributes "- name : String"
                             "- born : Date"))
     (full-class "Linux")
     (full-class "Android")
     (full-class "Apple")
     (full-class "Windows"))
    (-dep- "from"
           (@name "Android")

Will output Image:

Evalate expression:

(dml-create-graph "coder-case" (:rankdir :LR)
  (->> (actor "coder")
       (ucas "Use Emacs")
       (ucas "Programing")
       (ucas "Play game"))
  (-dep- "extend"
         (@name "Programing")
         (@name "Use Emacs")))


Will output Image:


Symbol for Sequence Diagram

Symbol name Type Description
dml-create-sequnce Macro Dump sequnce diagram to ps and png file
&prog Macro Define sequnce calls
&chain Macro Define a call with sub calls
&if Macro Define two alternative calls with a guard condition
&loop Macro Defile a call in a loop with a guard condition

Symbol for Graph Diagram

Symbol name Type Description
dml-create-graph Macro Dump graph diagram to ps and png file.
full-class Function Create a class node whih attributes and methods.
attributes, methods Function Define attribute/method list for the full-calss
simp-class Function Return a class node with a simple name in the box.
with-method Macro Create to define share methods for classes.
actor Function Create a stick man as actor.
pack Function Create a package node.
ucas Function Create use case node.
comp Function Create component node
@name Function Reference pre-defined node by name
->, ->> Function Define a arrow edge: 1-to-1, 1-to-n
-dep-, -dep-*, -dep-- Function Define dependcy edge: 1-to-1, 1-to-n, 1-by-1
-com-, com-* Function Define composition edge: 1-to-1, 1-to-n
-agg-, -agg-* Function Define a aggregation edge: 1-to-1, 1-to-n
-genby-,genby-* Function Define generalize edge: 1-to-1, 1-to-n
MIT License