doplus - an iteration macro for Common Lisp

This is DO+ (doplus), the high-level, extensible iteration construct for Common Lisp.

By design, doplus has a reasonably simple implementation, that in particular doesn't make use of a code walker, allowing users to freely mix doplus loops with macrolets and every other kind of advanced Lisp construct.

Installation and dependencies

The preferred way to install doplus is by using Quicklisp.

doplus itself depends only on parse-declarations. FiveAM is used for the test suite.


To run the test suite, use ASDF.


doplus is distributed under the GPLv3. See the file COPYING for details. If you'd like a different license arrangement, please contact me. I'm very open about providing friendlier licenses to individuals and companies that I trust, but by default I won't allow complete strangers to profit from my code without giving anything back.

Further information

The home of doplus is There you can find in-depth documentation, access the code repository and checkout the latest version.

Alessio Stalla <>
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