Easy audio


Easy audio is my small but slowly growing pack of audio decoders. It can help you decode audio files and also provides easy access to metadata.

It has: * FLAC format support. Can decode anything, supports almost all metadata blocks. * Partial support for WavPack format. Can read and decode non-hybrid lossless WavPack data which is the most used, anyway. Support many metadata blocks (though they are not as useful as in FLAC). * Partial wav container support, can read uncompressed, a-law compressed and mu-law compressed audio data. * OGG container support, but, unfortunately, without Vorbis support. Can read FLAC compressed data inside OGG container. * APEv2 tags support.

It has minimum dependencies (only flexi-streams for reading UTF-8 coded values from metadata) and written entirely in Common Lisp. It contains unsafe code to achieve maximal performance and assumes that fixnums are more than 32-bit wide, so I am not sure if it works on some 32-bit implementations or not.


Documentation for easy-audio is automatically generated by codex. Just run (codex:document :easy-audio). You can also visit a project page.

Vasily Postnicov <shamaz.mazum at gmail dot com>
2-clause BSD