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  • One-shot solution to the CL library documentation generator.
    • It does not require any custom macro/read-macro for annotating your API. Existing documentation generator supports only a limited number of macros (e.g. defun), or requires a user-defined extensions to the parser that extracts the documentation strings (e.g. see docparser). In contrast, this library runs based on the heuristic decision and ranking.
    • It searches the repository for any potential documentation files and embed them in the output as html. Some library (especially the old ones like CFFI) contains a separate documentation / manual as texinfo documents, but they will be all embedded in the output.
    • It supports any markup format supported by Pandoc and makeinfo.
  • Best documentation gives you the most with the least text.
    • Bloated, redundant entries are harmful. Eazy-Documentation therefore provides a compact documentation by compressing the documentation entries in a run-length encoding manner – similar, partly identical entries are merged together as much as possible.
  • Respect the code structure and ordering.
    • Well-written library has a nice, intuitive code structure. This must be exploited by the documentation generator – inspired by Quickdocs.

Example page containing the documentation of eazy-documentation itself can be found here.

Another example for NUMCL library.

Command line interface can be installed via Roswell: ros install guicho271828/eazy-documentation

Usage: eazy-documentation file-or-system output [OPTIONS]

The output is a single file when the output has a html extension; otherwise it will be considered as a directory name. It comes with a CSS and an empty javascript file.

Options are specified as follows:


keyword description
:title Documentation title
:header The header inserted after the title
:footer The footer inserted at the bottom
:markup Markup langage used in the docstring, should be supported by pandoc.
:whitelist Whitelist of the package designators for the symbols being documented
:blacklist Blacklist of the package designators for the symbols being documented
:external-only Generate entries for external symbols only
:toc Generate a table of contents (toc)
:max-depth The maximum depth of a toc
:template-class COMMON-HTML template class, no need to be chanded.
:css-list List of CSS scripts to be added to the template.
:js-list List of Javascripts to be added to the template.
:font-list List of Google fonts to be added to the template.
:clean Overwrite CSS/JS in the target directory
:remote-root Used to generate a weblink. Example: https://github.com/<name>/<proj>
:local-root Used to generate a weblink. Example: /home/<user>/lisp/<proj>/blob/master
:relative When non-nil, the output is relative to the value of local-root.
:static-files List of static README files etc.


texinfo and up-to-date pandoc (note: some package managers, e.g., Ubuntu's APT, provides a severely outdated version and results in a terrible output. Install the latest version from https://pandoc.org/installing.html )

Masataro Asai (guicho2.71828@gmail.com)

Licensed under LGPL v3.

Copyright (c) 2019 IBM Corporation

Masataro Asai