Closure XML Parser

   An XML parser written in Common Lisp.

   Closure XML was written by Gilbert Baumann (unk6 at
   rz.uni-karlsruhe.de) as part of the Closure web browser.

   Contributions to the parser by
     * Henrik Motakef (hmot at henrik-motakef.de)
     * David Lichteblau (david@lichteblau.com)

   CXML implements a namespace-aware, validating XML 1.0 parser
   as well as the DOM Level 2 Core interfaces. Two parser interfaces
   are offered, one SAX-like, the other similar to StAX.

   CXML is licensed under Lisp-LGPL.

   Send bug reports to cxml-devel@common-lisp.net


   Please refer to http://common-lisp.net/project/cxml/ for details.

   The documentation is also available in the doc/ subdirectory of this
   source distribution, run `make' in that directory to build HTML
   for the XML sources (requires xsltproc).