A simple wrapper to generate portably seedable pseudo-random numbers.

Note: This is unmaintained. Please use golden-utils instead.


This library allows you to generate random numbers, with a portable and seedable generator. This means that a generator initialized with a particular seed will yield the same sequence of generated numbers on every Common Lisp implementation.


(ql:quickload :genie)


To generate a random number, you first need to create a generator object seeded with an integer:

(make-generator 123)

Alternatively, you can leave out the seed, to have one generated for you:


The above will print a log message with the generator's seed value:

[INFO ] [2016-12-07 23:51:29] Random seed: 123258810179538

Once you have a generator, we can use the GEN function to generate a number. There are a few different methods to use for generating a number.

Generate a boolean value (T or NIL)

To generate a boolean, supply the :BOOL keyword to GEN, optionally with a probability for true:

(let ((generator (make-generator)))
  (gen :bool generator :probability 0.9))

The above will generate T 90% of the time, and NIL otherwise.

Generate a floating-point number within a range

To generate a number that falls within a range, supply the :RANGE keyword to GEN like so:

(let ((generator (make-generator)))
  (gen :range generator :min 0.0 :max 1.0))

The above will generate a floating-point number between 0 and 10.

Generate an integer

To generate an integer within a range, supply the :INT keyword to GEN:

(let ((generator (make-generator)))
  (gen :int generator :min 1 :max 100))

The above will generate an integer between 1 and 100, both inclusive. You may also tell it to generate an odd or an even integer within this range, by using the :PARITYP keyword as such:

(let ((generator (make-generator)))
  (gen :int generator :min 1 :max 100 :parityp t))

This will generate an odd integer between 1 and 100. The value of :MIN determines the parity of the result - a value of 2 for :MIN would generate an even number between 2 and 100.

Choose a random element from a sequence

To choose a random element from a list or other sequence, supply the :ELT keyword to GEN:

(let ((generator (make-generator))
      (some-sequence '(1 2 3)))
  (gen :elt generator :sequence some-sequence))

The above will choose a random element from the sequence given.


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Licensed under the MIT License.

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