API Reference


A lightweight threading / cooperative multitasking library.


  • Function QUEUE-NEXT (action &optional thread)
  • Function MAKE-THREAD (function &key name)
    Create a new green thread with an optional :name. The first parameter should be a function that takes no arguments. The thread will be queued immediately, so will run immediately if make-thread is called from outside any other green threads. Returns a thread object.
  • Macro WITH-GREEN-THREAD (&body body)
    A convenience macro that runs the code in a lambda wrapped in CPS transformin macros and a call to make-thread. Returns thread object.
  • Function ALL-THREADS
    Returns a list of all active threads, which are threads that have been created but not destroyed or finished.
    Returns the currently running greed thread or NIL if not called from within thread.
  • Function THREADP (obj)
    Returns T if the object passed in is a thread.
  • Function THREAD-NAME (thread)
    Returns the name of the thread given at the time of creation or NIL.
  • Function DESTROY-THREAD (thread)
    Destroys the thread passed in, so it will not run any more. It is an error to call this on the current thread.
  • Function THREAD-ALIVE-P (thread)
    Returns T if the passed in thread has not been destroyed.
  • Function GET-JOIN-FUTURE (thread)
    Gets a future object from thread which will be completed when the thread is finished.
  • Function QUEUE-FUTURE (future action &optional thread)
    Queues an action on current (or specified) thread to take place when provided future is completed.
  • Function FUTURE-VALUES (future)
    Returns the values given to the future when it was completed.
  • Generic-Function SEND (channel value continuation &key)
  • Generic-Function RECV (channel continuation &key)
  • Class CHANNEL
  • Method SEND ((channel channel) value continuation &key (blockp t))
  • Method RECV ((channel channel) continuation &key (blockp t))

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