API Reference


Delimited, interpreted shift-reset continuation.


  • Function FMKUNBOUND/CC (function-name)
  • Function FDEFINITION/CC (function-name)
  • Function (setf FDEFINITION/CC) (closure-object function-name &optional (type 'defun/cc))
  • Function CONTINUATION? (k)
  • Variable *CALL/CC-RETURNS*
  • Macro WITH-CALL/CC (&environment lexenv &body body)
    Execute BODY with delimited partial continuations. Within the code of BODY almost all common lisp forms maintain their normal semantics. The following special forms are allowed: (call/cc LAMBDA) - LAMBDA, a one argument function, will be passed a continuation. This object may then be passed to the function KALL which will cause execution to resume around the call/cc form.
  • Function KALL (k &optional (primary-value nil primary-value-p) &rest other-values)
    Continue the continuation K. This function can be used within the lexical scope of with-call/cc and outside.
  • Variable *DEBUG-EVALUATE/CC*
  • Macro LET/CC (k &body body)
  • Variable *TRACE-CC*
  • Macro DEFUN/CC (&whole whole name arguments &body body &environment env)
  • Macro DEFGENERIC/CC (name args &rest options)
    Trivial wrapper around defgeneric designed to alert readers that these methods are cc methods.
  • Macro DEFMETHOD/CC (&whole whole &environment lexenv name &rest args)


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