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  • Compilation IOlib requires a C library named LibFixPOSIX - - and its headers in order to compile. LibFixPOSIX can either be installed manually, for which there are instructions in the source code, or through distro repositories.

  • Tests Some of the socket tests require an echo server, the default being one on the Internet. If you can't use that, set iolib-tests:echo-address and iolib-test:echo-port appropriately to point the echo tests somewhere else.

  • Generating documentation To generate the documentation, use this patched version of texinfo-docstrings: Then make sure that IOLib's .asd files and texinfo-docstrings.asd can be loaded and run GNU make inside doc/ ; you'll then find the generated docs under manual/. This procedure has only been tested with SBCL.

Stelian Ionescu <>
bsd sockets, networking, system programming