API Reference


The Production version code from letoverlambda.com, conveniently wrapped in an ASDF System for Quicklisp.


  • Function GROUP (source n)
  • Function MKSTR (&rest args)
  • Function SYMB (&rest args)
  • Function FLATTEN (x)
  • Function G!-SYMBOL-P (s)
  • Function O!-SYMBOL-P (s)
  • Function O!-SYMBOL-TO-G!-SYMBOL (s)
  • Macro DEFMACRO/G! (name args &rest body)
  • Macro DEFMACRO! (name args &rest body)
  • Macro DEFUN! (name args &body body)
  • Function #"-reader (stream sub-char numarg)
  • Function SEGMENT-READER (stream ch n)
  • Macro MATCH-MODE-PPCRE-LAMBDA-FORM (o!args o!mods)
  • Function #~-reader (stream sub-char numarg)
  • Macro DLAMBDA (&rest ds)
  • Macro ALAMBDA (parms &body body)
  • Macro AIF (test then &optional else)
  • Function #`-reader (stream sub-char numarg)
  • Function #f-reader (stream sub-char numarg)
  • Macro NLET-TAIL (n letargs &body body)
  • Macro ALET% (letargs &rest body)
  • Macro ALET (letargs &rest body)
  • Macro PANDORICLET (letargs &rest body)
  • Function PANDORICLET-GET (letargs)
  • Function PANDORICLET-SET (letargs)
  • Function GET-PANDORIC (box sym)
  • Macro WITH-PANDORIC (syms box &rest body)
  • Function PANDORIC-HOTPATCH (box new)
  • Macro PANDORIC-RECODE (vars box new)
  • Macro PLAMBDA (largs pargs &rest body)
  • Macro PANDORIC-EVAL (vars expr)
  • Macro FAST-PROGN (&rest body)
  • Macro SAFE-PROGN (&rest body)
  • Function FFORMAT (&rest all)
  • Function MAKE-TLIST
  • Function TLIST-LEFT (tl)
  • Function TLIST-RIGHT (tl)
  • Function TLIST-EMPTY-P (tl)
  • Function TLIST-ADD-LEFT (tl it)
  • Function TLIST-ADD-RIGHT (tl it)
  • Function TLIST-REM-LEFT (tl)
  • Function TLIST-UPDATE (tl)
  • Function BUILD-BATCHER-SN (n)
  • Macro SORTF (comparator &rest places)
  • Function DOLLAR-SYMBOL-P (s)
  • Macro IF-MATCH ((match-regex str) then &optional else)
  • Macro WHEN-MATCH ((match-regex str) &body forms)


The test code for Let Over Lambda.

No packages.