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MACRO-LEVEL is an embarassingly trivial convenience macro that saves
on indentation while being more concise and direct.

;; Canonical indentation. MACRO-LEVEL saves 11 spaces.
(macrolet ((m ()
;; "Miser" indentation. MACRO-LEVEL saves 5 spaces.
    ((m ()

When used as part of a macroexpansion, MACRO-LEVEL also conveniently
relieves the macro implementor from naming and using a gensym for the
one-shot macro when compared to writing out a MACROLET by hand, in
addition to the other advantages.

To use MACRO-LEVEL, simply (macro-level:macro-level ...) after loading
the ASDF system, as this macro is not used that often and the length
won't have any effect on the indentation:


Simply (:import-from #:macro-level #:macro-level) in your DEFPACKAGE
if you prefer the latter form. Don't (:use)!

Support could eventually be added to Slime so that interactive
macroexpansion of MACRO-LEVEL calls with C-c C-m (slime-expand-1)
would show the same expansion as interactively macroexpanding (m ...)
after (defmacro m () ...), assuming the lexical context is not

This library is in the Public Domain.
See the UNLICENSE file for details.
Jean-Philippe Paradis <>
Public Domain
convenience library, public domain