Rpc4cl is an implementation of XML-RPC for CL using ,according to its
author, best of breed common lisp libraries to do most of the work.

These dependencies are as of version 0.3.0: drakma, cxml, cl-ppcre,
parse-number, babel, trivial-timeout

To run the tests you need hunchentoot in addition to the dependencies
for rpc4cl and a ruby installation. No good idea to only use rpc4cl to
test rpc4cl, right? Then just run rpc4cl:start-test-server and locate
and run client.rb from ./test/.

The test suite will also serve as an instructive example of how to
make use of rpc4cl.

This version of rpc4cl uses in addition to the already mentioned
dependencies: rfc3339-timestamp for parsing xml-rpc date-time strings
into a rfc3339:timestamp object.
Peter Stiernstr?m <peter@stiernstrom.se>
bsd, xml