A toy URL datastore.




This is a toy project which can be used to store any amount of data in the URL of a URL-shortening service. It exploits the fact that most URL shortening services do not check that a URL points to a real website, and as such, any data can be URL-shortened.

How it works:

  • Takes a file pathname as input.

  • Compresses the file with the DEFLATE compression scheme.

  • Encodes the compressed file using the Base64 encoding scheme.

  • Splits the data into chunks of typically a few kilobytes long, depending on the URL shortening service used.

  • Creates a short URL for each chunk.

  • Concatenates the path components of all short URLs into 1 long string, separated by a forward slash /.

  • Again, creates a short URL using the concatenated path components as input.

  • The result is a single short URL that has an arbitrary amount of data stored in the URL.


(ql:quickload :shorty)


To store a file in a URL:

(shorty:shorten-file "/path/to/in-file")

To write a file to disk given a URL:

(shorty:unshorten-file "http://short-url" :file "/path/to/out-file")

Known Limitations

There are 2 main issues that will likely never be fixed, as this is just meant to be a proof of concept toy.

  • Local limit: Shortening and unshortening are done completely in memory, so you need enough heap space.

  • Remote limit: During the concatenation of URL path components to create the single short URL at the end of the shortening process, the resulting string must also fit into a chunk size supported by the specified URL-shortening service. The path component length depends on the service. Do not expect to store more than a few megabytes of data at best.


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Licensed under the MIT License.

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