Minecraft in lisp !

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This One Weird Repo Microsoft Doesn't Want You To Know Will :astonished:Change Your Life :weary: [SECRET]

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5 Reasons Why Your Life Will Change. Or not.

  1. Want to improve your coding skills? You can code While Playing 'minecraft

  2. Been wanting to play Minecraft but can't afford it? Well here you go.

  3. An Open Source license means no one can steal and destroy your items. AKA Notch, Jeb, Mojang, and Microsoft...

  4. Do you want to build the city of your dreams? To become the master of the world you inhabit and wreak destruction on the natural environment? Unfortunately cube programs all too often fail to give their users what they really want. What makes this repo different? Everything here is 100% Pure Free and Open Source Common Lisp. If you are not familiar with Common Lisp, do yourself a favor and click here.

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:bomb: ## The Most Moddable Voxel Engine That Has Ever Existed ### Features: * Edit the source code on the fly, making it very easy to write mods * Livecode the graphics, play around with shaders, textures, display lists * Create ad-hoc functions for manipulating terrain and creating structures, * Read and write Minecraft McRegion and Anvil world formats [see cl-nbt] * 3d block physics * Quite fast, depending on the Common Lisp implementation

Personal Workflow:

  1. Generate a world based on perlin noise or some random function
  2. Fly around touching up the world with different "brushes" to use on the world. Create brushes at the REPL or in a source file and C-C C-C it
  • Examples:
    • Convert stone to dirt and grass
    • Grow trees and cacti
    • Flood fills pools with water
    • Round edges or fill holes
    • Draw lines and spheres
    • Draw boxes
  1. Use the resulting terrain as the ultimate parkour experience
  2. Repeat 2-3
  3. Be a creative and interesting and artistic mineman pvp parkour legend

Please let me know if you:

  • are aware of a voxel engine that is superior in modding capabilities
  • share that burning passion for Minecraft
  • have a suggestion on how to get a real, non Minecraft life
  • do not know what Minecraft is

How To Install:

terminal625, Danilo Vidovic (vydd)