A bag-of-tools utilities library used to aid in implementing the toolkit

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Edward Marco Baringer



This is a fork of arnesi utilities suite


I would not suggest starting new projects using arnesi as a dependency. Most of the code is available in more complete libraries elsewhere. While arnesi was a good building block 10 years ago, with quicklisp, alexandria, and boat loads of newer libraries, there are better more targeted solutions for most of the functions provided here

Arnesi is mostly provided to keep the rest of the libraries working (eg: ucw)


  • This library is in indefinite maintenance and will not be added to
  • Bug reports, fixes and test cases for current behavior are all accepted

Suggested replacements

Many of the utilities found in arnesi have been fleshed out into a more full libraries or replaced by libraries with more features Arnesi is mostly provided as support for legacy apps making use of its functions (UCW).

Changes from darcs arnesi:

  • It includes some fixes to call/cc to better handle special variables.
  • parse floats handles more types (null, number, float and string)
  • uses collectors library to implement its collectors (This library was additions written to the existing arnesi accumulators)
  • asdf 3 support
  • change default logging
  • exported with-accessors*
  • queue api improvements (queue-delete-if, queue-head, queue-last, queue-pop, handle null)

Bug fixes

  • escape-as-uri: better null handling
  • fixes for symbol macros from drewc
  • lots of call/cc stuff


Dependencies (4)

  • cl-ppcre
  • collectors
  • fiveam
  • slime
  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp