A library for Amazon Web Services signing version 4

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Thomas Bakketun <>


GNU Lesser General Public Licence 3.0, Example

Common Lisp library for Amazon Web Services signing version 4.

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This library implements the Signature Version 4 Signing Process, as described here:


  • Passes all tests in the test suite from Amazon.
  • Tested on ABCL, ACL, CCL, CLISP and SBCL.
  • Signing only, not tied to a specific http client library.


See example.lisp for an example of using Drakma to make a request to SWF.

S3 supports presigned URL. This make is possible to give a web browser temporary access to download an object directly from S3. Example:

(let ((aws-sign4:*aws-credentials*
        (lambda ()
  (aws-sign4:aws-sign4 :region :eu-west-1
                       :service :s3
                       :host ""
                       :path "/some-bucket/some-file"
                       :expires 300)) 
=> "                      




Bind this variable to a function returning two values, the access key and the secret key.

AWS-SIGN4:AWS-SIGN4 &key ...

Calculates the signature for a http request.


  • region - String designator for the AWS region. Default "us-east-1".
  • service - String designator for the AWS service name.
  • method - String designator for the http method.
  • host - The hostname/endpoint to for the request. Default is the value of the host header.
  • path - The path part of the request URI.
  • params - The query parameters of the URI as an assoc list.
  • headers - The headers as an assoc list as an assoc list.
  • payload - The payload, as a string or vector of octets. Strings are encoded to octets using UTF-8.
  • date-header - The name of the date-header, :X-AMZ-DATE or :DATE. Default :X-AMZ-DATE.
  • request-date - The request date as a local-time timestamp. Default (LOCAL-TIME:NOW).
  • expires - Provides the time period, in seconds, for which the generated presigned URL is valid.
  • scheme - Scheme used in presigned URL, defaults to https.

Returns seven values. Only the two first are needed, the others are useful for debugging.

  • If expire is nil or not supplied, the value of "Authorization" header. If expire is supplied, the presigned URL.
  • Value of "X-Amz-Date" or "Date" header.
  • Canonical request
  • String to sign
  • Credential scope
  • Signed headers
  • Signature

Dependencies (7)

  • cl-ppcre
  • drakma
  • flexi-streams
  • ironclad
  • local-time
  • secret-values
  • split-sequence
  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp