A inter-process communication library for transmitting binary data over a stream.

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Mark Cox


Simplified BSD License variant

Basic Binary IPC

The basic binary IPC system provides an interface for performing inter process communication using IPv4 or local streams. The interface follows a non-blocking pattern which allows applications to communicate either synchronously or asynchronously.

The interface has been implemented for the following platforms:

  • Linux (poll and epoll)
  • OSX (poll and kqueue)
  • FreeBSD (poll and kqueue)
  • Windows 8 (Overlapped I/O)

The complete documentation to this system can be found in doc/basic-binary-ipc.html or online.

The only requirement for this system is CFFI.


The file examples/echo-example.lisp contains an example echo server and echo client. The code for the server and client is shown below.

The echo server can be started using

(load "examples/echo-example.lisp")
(echo-example:run-server 12345)

The echo client can be executed using

(load "examples/echo-example.lisp")
(echo-example:send-to-server "Hello World" basic-binary-ipc:+ipv4-loopback+ 12345)


(defun run-server (port &optional (host-address +ipv4-loopback+))
  (check-type port (unsigned-byte 16))
  (check-type host-address string)
  (with-socket (server (make-ipv4-tcp-server host-address port :reuse-address t))
       :with buffer-size := 10000
       :with buffer := (make-array buffer-size :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))       
       :for result := (poll-socket server 'connection-available-p 10)
       :when result
       (with-socket (client (accept-connection server))
            :for attempts :from 0 :below 3
            :for data-available := (poll-socket client 'data-available-p 10)
            :when data-available
            (let ((bytes-read (read-from-stream client buffer)))
              (write-to-stream client buffer :end bytes-read)))))))


(defun send-to-server (string host-address port)
  (check-type string string)
  (check-type host-address string)
  (check-type port (unsigned-byte 16))
  (with-socket (client (connect-to-ipv4-tcp-server host-address port))
    (unless (poll-socket client 'connection-succeeded-p 10)
      (error "Failed to connect to address ~A:~d" host-address port))

    (write-to-stream client (babel:string-to-octets string))
       :for attempts :from 0 :below 3
       :for data-available := (poll-socket client 'data-available-p 10)
       :until data-available
       :finally (unless data-available
                  (error "Echo server not working.")))
    (let* ((buffer (make-array 100000 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
           (bytes-read (read-from-stream client buffer)))
      (babel:octets-to-string buffer :end bytes-read))))

Dependencies (3)

  • bordeaux-threads
  • cffi
  • lisp-unit

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