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CCLDoc documentation system

CCLDoc is a system for creating Lisp documentation. It uses S-expressions to represent document structure, markup, cross references, and contents. It has a small number of basic operators, supports macros for syntax extensions, and supports a simple syntax for embedding expressions in strings for added convenience.

The documentation for Clozure CL is written in CCLDoc.

To use CCLDoc to format the CCL documentation, follow these steps:

  1. Install CCL. See
  2. Install Quicklisp. See
  3. Check out the CCLDoc sources into ~/quicklisp/local-projects

Now, start CCL, and do the following:

(load "home:quicklisp;setup")
(ql:quickload :ccldoc)
(defparameter *d* (ccldoc:load-document "ccl:doc;manual;ccl.ccldoc"))
(ccldoc::output-html *d* "/tmp/ccl.html" :stylesheet "ccl.css")

You can then view the generated ccl.html file in your browser. The generated HTML expects to use a style file named ccl.css in the same directory.

There is also a not-quite-complete LaTeX converter. To use it, do (output-latex *d* "ccl.tex") and then process the ccl.tex file with xelatex to produce a PDF file. The version of xelatex that comes with MacTeX 2014 works.

Dependencies (5)

  • alexandria
  • ccl-compat
  • cl-who
  • split-sequence
  • s-xml

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    • Quicklisp