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Confidence – A Simple Interactive Test Framework for Common Lisp

Confidence is a test framework for Common Lisp that focuses on simplicty. It avoids bureacracy and makes it easy to work interactively, without a complicated setup, and with explicit functions and decisions.

This software is Copyright © 2019–2022 Michaël Le Barbier and is distributed under the terms described in the LICENSE file.

Introduction for new users

A file featuring evaluable toplevel forms allows new users to test Confidence and learn how to use it. It is located under example/example.lisp in the repository.

Reference Manual

There is a reference manual which can be built locally using TexInfo and the development/makedoc script or downloaded from GitHub actions:

Look for the artefacts on a recent workflow run, three files are available: PDF, HTML and INFO.

Confidence in Public Repositories

Here is a list of public repositories using Confidence:

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  • alexandria
  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp