Common Lisp library for accessing MarkLogic Server.

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LGPL3, Specify license here, AGPL3, GPL3


cl-marklogic is a Common Lisp system for optimizing MarkLogic clusters. There is a stable version of cl-marklogic in the QuickLisp repository.

Tested with MarkLogic 8. Tested with SBCL and ABCL.

Quick Start

This quick tutorial shows you how to run some simple examples using cl-marklogic. It is written to use SBCL, and QuickLisp on OSX. If you are using a different operating system you will need to adjust some details but the overall steps will be the same.

1. Install Homebrew.

2. Install SBCL:

brew update
brew install SBCL
brew install rlwrap

3. Install QuickLisp.

4. Start the SBCL REPL:

rlwrap sbcl

5. Load cl-marklogic.

(ql:quickload "cl-marklogic")

The first time you load cl-marklogic, QuickLisp will download it and any dependencies from the repository.

6. Load ml-test and run the unit tests:

(ql:quickload "ml-test")

The connect test will fail since we have not configured a MarkLogic connection.

7. Load ml-optimizer and start it:

(ql:quickload "ml-optimizer")

8. Connect to ml-optimizer with a browser.

By default ml-optimizer starts with a cached cluster configuration for demonstration.

Dependencies (7)

  • alexandria
  • cl-json
  • cl-opsresearch
  • drakma
  • fiveam
  • hunchentoot
  • local-time

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