A Common Lisp machine learning library for educational purposes.

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Frank Zalkow <>


Frank Zalkow <>


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cl-mlep is a Common Lisp Machine Learning library for Educational Purposes.

It aims at providing a collection of simple machine learning algorithms with the following claims:

  • to be implementation independent
  • to be fairly easy to use so that even intermediate Common Lisp programmers should be able to use this library instantly without pain
  • to provide a tutorial-style documentation so that one should get to know this library easily
  • the main part of cl-mlep should run without any dependencies (except for ASDF for its system definition). However, some algorithms need dependencies: they are to be found in the separate package mlep-add.

There is an HTML documentation ( including usage examples and an API. Its source is to be found in the branch gh-pages.

To start straight away, you can call (ql:quickload :mlep) or (ql:quickload :mlep-add) (or if you havn't Quicklisp installed load load/load.lisp or load/load-with-add.lisp). The latter one includes the prior one, but needs some dependencies for providing even more machine learning algorithms! You find more information about this in the usage examples, section Why Additional?.

If someone is interested in collaborating, please tell me. I'd be happy about this!

Dependencies (3)

  • cffi
  • lla
  • numerical-utilities

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