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Marc Battyani <>


Marc Battyani <>


BSD like licence

cl-pdf copyright 2002-2005 Marc Battyani see license.txt for the details

WARNING: cl-pdf is moving to

CL-PDF is a cross-platform Common Lisp library for generating PDF files. It does not need any third-party tools from Adobe or others. When it is used with cl-typesetting it provides a complete typesetting system.

CL-PDF is released with a FreeBSD style license so it is usable for commercial work.

Currently there is no docs, only some examples (see examples/)

There are mailing lists for discussing cl-pdf:

To install it:

  1. Customize config.lisp
  2. Choose the zlib implementation to use in cl-pdf.asd
    Or get an implementation specific zlib in the contrib directory.
    Or disable the compression in config.lisp
  3. Load the cl-pdf library using the asdf or mk:defsystem files.
  4. Use it...

In case of problems, first disable the zlib compression and try again... You need to get a post 23-dec-2002 UFFI version if you use the UFFI zlib binding.

Contributions are welcome! For questions, comments, bugs, typos, etc. use the mailing list

You can look at some examples of CL-PDF output here:

Marc Battyani

Dependencies (3)

  • iterate
  • uiop
  • zpb-ttf
  • GitHub
  • Quicklisp