Low-level pixel manipulation.

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cl-pixman is a Common Lisp wrapper for pixman written on CFFI. Pixman is a portable library for low-level pixel manipulation.

I wrote this wrapper to have an alternative to SDL2 blitting for low-level pixel operation. It directly uses CFFI pointers to avoid. Supported API is minimal (only pixman_image_* API is partially implemented) so feel free to contribute.

It is licensed under the LLGPL.


If you are using quicklisp:

cd <your quicklisp directory>/local-projects/  
git clone <me>  

Then you can just

(ql:quickload "pixman")

in your REPL.

You'll need a pixman shared object accessible to your Lisp at runtime, if you are using GNU, you can use your distro package.

Tested platforms

  • SBCL 1.3.19 on GNU/Linux on amd64.
  • CCL 1.11-r16635 on macOS 10.12.5 on amd64 through virtual machine.
  • CCL 1.11-r16635 on Windows 7 on amd64 (pixman.dll built from VS 2017).
  • LispWorks® 6.1 Personal Edition x86 on GNU/Linux on amd64.

TODO list

  • 32bits functions and structures
  • Floating point matrices
  • Image accessors callbacks and indexed images
  • pixman_filter_create_separable_convolution, pixman_image_fill_rectangles, pixman_image_fill_boxes
  • Glyphs
  • Trapezoids
  • Examples and tests
  • Simple fixed-point computations?

Dependencies (3)

  • alexandria
  • cffi
  • trivial-garbage

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