A Common Lisp wrapper for the Rmath library.

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Tamas K. Papp


Boost Software License - Version 1.0
A simple wrapper for libRmath

IMPORTANT This library is unsupported.

This is a simple, autogenerated foreign interface for the standalone R API libRmath. There has been no effort to provide a high-level interface for the original library, instead, this library is meant to serve as a building block for such an interface.

The libRmath shared library has to be installed for this library to work. For example, on Debian/Ubuntu/..., you just need to

apt-get install r-mathlib
as root.

The function names are preserved as they are. Packages should not use the cl-rmath package, but refer to symbols using the cl-rmath or rmath package qualifiers (in fact, fround is in both cl and cl-rmath, so using the package would require shadowing).

Functions using random number generators are not expected to work out of the box.

It is only necessary to run make when Rmath.h changes.

Bugs and issues should be reported using the Github issue tracker.

The most useful source of documentation is Writing R Extensions, in particular some sections in Numerical analysis subroutines. Note however that only a small subset of the functions documented on that page are part of the standalone library.

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