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Jan Idzikowski <>


CL-SMTP is a simple lisp smtp client. It works in ACL, SBCL, CMUCL, OPENMCL, LISPWORKS, CLISP and ECL. new with support for send attachments, thanks Brian Sorg for the implementation with authentication support for PLAIN and LOGIN authentication method and ssl support with cl+ssl package used cl-base64 and usocket packages (cl-base64 isn't a requirement on ACL) See INSTALL for prerequisites and build details. To use cl-smtp: (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'cl-smtp) ------------------------------------------------ (cl-smtp:send-email host from to subject message &key (port 25) cc bcc reply-to extra-headers html-message authentication attachments (buffer-size 256) ssl) Send email. Returns nil or error with message arguments: - host (String) : hostname or ip-address of the smtpserver - from (String) : email address - to (String or List of Strings) : email address - subject (String) : subject text - message (String) : message body keywords: - cc (String or List of Strings) : email adress carbon copy - bcc (String or List of Strings): email adress blind carbon copy - reply-to (String) : email adress - display-name (String) : displayname of the sender - extra-headers (List) : extra headers as alist - html-message (String) : message body formatted with HTML tags - authentication (List) : list with 2 or elements ([:method] "username" "password") method is a keyword :plain or :login If the method is not specified, the proper method is determined automatically. - attachments (Attachment Instance or String or Pathname: attachments to send List of Attachment/String/Pathnames) - buffer-size (Number default 256): is no longer used, will remove in the future - ssl (or t :starttls :tls) : if t or :STARTTLS: use the STARTTLS functionality if :TLS: use TLS directly - external-format : symbol, default :utf-8 - envelope-sender : email adress, if not set then envelope-sender = from ------------------------------------------------ (cl-smtp:rfc2045-q-encode-string str &key (external-format :utf8)) Decodes a string to an quoted-printable string. Returns quoted-printable string arguments: - str : the string to encode keywords: - external-format : symbol, default :utf-8 ------------------------------------------------ (cl-smtp:rfc2231-encode-string str &key (external-format :utf8)) Decodes a string to an rfc2231 encode string. Returns rfc2231 encode string arguments: - str : the string to encode keywords: - external-format : symbol, default :utf-8 ------------------------------------------------ (cl-smtp:write-rfc8822-message stream from to subject message :cc cc :reply-to reply-to :extra-headers extra-headers :html-message html-message :display-name display-name :attachments attachments :buffer-size buffer-size :external-format external-format) Writes a rfc8822 compatible email to the stream. For arguments see the cl-smtp:send-email documentation. ------------------------------------------------ CLASS cl-smtp:attachment - accessor: attachment-name : string - accessor: attachment-data-pathname : pathname - accessor: attachment-mime-type : string (mime-type) It is now possible to send a file under a different name. See cl-smtp:make-attachment. ------------------------------------------------ (cl-smtp:make-attachment data-pathname &key (name (file-namestring data-pathname)) (mime-type (lookup-mime-type name))) Create a instance of cl-smtp:attachment. Returns cl-smtp:attachment arguments: - data-pathname : pathname keywords: - name : string, default (file-namestring data-pathname) - mime-type : string, default (lookup-mime-type name) ------------------------------------------------ For debug output set the parameter *debug* to t (default nil) (setf cl-smtp::*debug* t) CL-SMTP set automatically the Date header and the X-Mailer header. X-Mailer: cl-smtp ((lisp-implementation-type) (lisp-implementation-version)) You can change this with setting the parameter *x-mailer* (setf cl-smtp::*x-mailer* "my x-mailer string) If you find bugs or want to send patches for enhancements, by email to Jan Idzikowski <>

Dependencies (5)

  • cl-base64
  • cl+ssl
  • flexi-streams
  • trivial-gray-streams
  • usocket

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