A library for the Linux SPIDEV kernel module as used on hobby kits such as the Raspberry Pi

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Yukari Hafner <>


Yukari Hafner <>



About cl-spidev

This is a bindings library for the Linux SPIDEV kernel module as described on It provides both direct low-level, and high-level convenient access.

How To

List all the available SPIDEV devices.


Create a handle object to one of them.

(defvar *handle* (spidev:open "0.0"))

You can then read out the current information of the device.

(spidev:mode *handle*)
(spidev:lsb-first *handle*)
(spidev:bits/word *handle*)
(spidev:max-speed *handle*)

You can also set the above places to the values you need them to be. See the respective docstrings.

Finally you can read from and write to the device.

(spidev:read* 12 *handle*)
(spidev:write* *handle* 1 2 3 4)

Once you are done you can either close the handle explicitly...

(spidev:close *handle*)

Or simply lose all references to it and wait for the GC to take care of it for you. Either way, it should be safe.

Dependencies (3)

  • cffi
  • documentation-utils
  • trivial-garbage

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