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Tiled TMX/TSX and JSON map/tileset loader


cl-tiled is a Common Lisp library for importing TMX/TSX and JSON tilemaps and tilesets generated by Tiled. It aims to fill the same role as other engine-agnostic Tiled importers. Meaning it is not a renderer nor does it provide integration with renderers on its own. Instead it aims to provide an easy, logical way to read map data so it may be imported/rendered in whatever way you wish.


alpha quality. API changes to come. Mostly additions to missing features.

Note that as a current goal, this library aims to be feature complete, not fast nor space efficient.


  • Full TMX/TSX and JSON reading support
  • Support for embedded and external tilesets
  • Support for embededd and external images
  • API support for all layer, tile, object, and terrain types
  • Full support for property objects with distinct data-types (string, number, bool, color, pathname)
  • Orthogonal map support


  • Defining API for isometric, staggred, and hexagonal maps
  • Make the library more efficient
  • Modifying map and writing TMX/TSX and JSON files (if enough demand for this)

Please post any requests/bugs on the issues page.



(defpackage #:my-cool-package
  (:use #:cl)
    (#:tiled #:cl-tiled)))
(in-package #:my-cool-package)

(defgeneric render-layer (layer))

(defmethod render-layer ((layer tiled:tile-layer))
  (dolist (cell (tiled:layer-cells layer))
    ;; tiled:cell-x and tiled:cell-y for pixel positions
    ;; tiled:cell-tile for `tiled:tile' information
    ;;  what image, which row/column within image

(defmethod render-layer ((layer tiled:image-layer))
  ;;tiled:layer-image gets you the relevant image to render

(defmethod render-layer ((layer tiled:object-layer))
  (dolist (object (tiled:object-group-objects layer))
    ;; render each object according to type

(defmethod render-layer ((layer tiled:group-layer))
  ;;Render each sub-layer
  (dolist (layer (tiled:group-layers layer))
    (render-layer layer)))

(let ((tiled-map (tiled:load-map "assets/map.tmx")))
  (dolist (layer (tiled:map-layers tiled-map))
    (render-layer layer)))


Wilfredo Velázquez-Rodríguez

Dependencies (9)

  • alexandria
  • chipz
  • cl-base64
  • cl-json
  • nibbles
  • parse-float
  • split-sequence
  • uiop
  • xmls

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