The CL-UNIFICATION system. The system contains the definitions for the 'unification' machinery.

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CL-UNIFICATION ============== Marco Antoniotti (c) 2004-2020 ------------------------------ The directory containing this file you are reading should contain the code and the documentation of the CL-UNIFICATION package. The package is a full-blown library to "unify" arbitrary CL objects while constructing bindings for placeholders (unification variables) in a "template" sublanguage. A NOTE ON FORKING ----------------- Of course you are free to fork the project subject to the current licensing scheme. However, before you do so, I ask you to consider plain old "cooperation" by asking me to become a developer. It helps keeping the entropy level at an acceptable level. Enjoy.

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  • cl-ppcre
  • ptester

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  • Quicklisp