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cl-virtualbox is a library that allows you to control VirtualBox from Common Lisp, by calling the vboxmanage command.


Listing VMs

  • list-vms (): Return a list of plists with the :name and :uuid of every virtual machine.

  • list-running-vms (): Like list-vms, but only return the VMs that are running.


virtualbox> (list-vms)
((:uuid "68fdde1a-a009-4c6f-af6e-250ef879e3e7" :name
 (:uuid "b0ebec92-85cb-408c-b32c-c969e6392d5f" :name
 (:uuid "9ad98045-5109-4233-8b82-4c9a49b4cab7" :name
 (:uuid "5d287f3c-9b17-4a66-990a-80d4db3167ae" :name "windows"))
virtualbox> (list-running-vms)

Finding VMs

  • find-by-name (name): Find a virtual machine by name.

  • find-by-uuid (uuid): Find a virtual machine by UUID.


virtualbox> (find-by-name "crane_ubuntu_1410013141185_11153")
(:uuid "68fdde1a-a009-4c6f-af6e-250ef879e3e7" :name
virtualbox> (find-by-uuid "9ad98045-5109-4233-8b82-4c9a49b4cab7")
(:uuid "9ad98045-5109-4233-8b82-4c9a49b4cab7" :name

Creating and Modifying VMs

  • create-vm (name): Create a new virtual machine named name.

  • set-vm-memory (name memory): Set the VM's memory (In megabytes)

  • set-vm-vram (name memory): The the VM's video memory (In megabytes).

  • set-vm-cpu-count (name count): Set the number of virtual CPUs the VM has.

  • set-vm-acpi (name state): Turn ACPI support on/off.

  • set-vm-ioapic (name state): Turn IOAPIC support on/off.

  • set-vm-pae (name state): Enable/disable PAE.

  • set-vm-longmode (name state): Enable/disable longmode.

  • set-vm-hpet (name state): Enable/disable the High-Precision Event Timer (HPET).

  • set-vm-3d-acceleration (name state): Enable/disable 3D acceleration.

Network Configuration

  • map-vm-ports (name host-port guest-port): Map TCP traffic from host-port to guest-ip:guest-port in the guest.

Controlling VM State

  • start-vm (name &key (type headless)): Start the virtual machine.

  • pause-vm (name): Pause the virtual machine.

  • resume-vm (name): Resume the virtual machine after pausing it.

  • cold-reboot-vm (name): Reboot the virtual machine.

  • poweroff-vm (name): Power off the virtual machine.

Managing Hard Drives

  • create-hd (path &key size (format vdi)): Create a virtual hard drive on path, with size size (In megabytes) and type type (:vdi by default).

Managing DVDs

  • mount-dvd (name path): Mount a DVD to the virtual machine.

  • unmount-dvd (name): Remove the DVD from the virtual DVD drive.


Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Fernando Borretti (

Licensed under the MIT License.

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  • alexandria
  • cl-ppcre
  • uiop
  • usocket

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