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Kevin Rosenberg <>, Kevin M. Rosenberg <>, Russ Tyndall <>, Aurelio Bignoli <>


Kevin M. Rosenberg <>, Russ Tyndall <>, Aurelio Bignoli


Lessor Lisp General Public License,
CLSQL is a Common Lisp to SQL engine interface by Kevin M. Rosenberg. It includes both functional and object oriented subsystems for data definition and manipulation as well as an integrated symbolic SQL syntax. CLSQL supports a number of RDBMS and uses the UFFI ( library for compatibility with Allegro CL, Lispworks, CMUCL, SBCL and OpenMCL. CLSQL has incorporated code from the following projects. At this point in 2004, development of has stopped on these incorporated projects. - Pierre Mai's MaiSQL - onShore Development's UncommonSQL - Paul Meurer's SQL/ODBC - Cadabra's Oracle interface CLSQL's home is Documentation is available as a PDF file in doc/clsql.pdf and as HTML files in doc/html.tar.gz. CONTRIBUTING ------------ If you would like to report a bug please do so through the clsql mailing list. Patches are welcome. It will be much easier for us to incorporate if you use [git]( Please keep distinct changes in seperate patches as it makes it much easier to review. If you have something small to to send to the mailing list `git format-patch` is your friend. If you have a bigger set of patches then I recommend creating a fork on github from Once your patches are available there either issue a pull request or let us know about it on the mailing list. * has some excellent tutorials on getting started. * is an excellent in depth tutorial on how to use git effectively.

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