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INTRODUCTION ============ Conium is a portability library for debugger- and compiler-related tasks in Common Lisp. It is fork of SWANK-BACKEND and differs from swank in the following regards: - The swank frontend has been removed, leaving a Lisp library rather than a socket server. - Conium always uses ASDF instead of a manual load script. - Code related to threads has been removed. (Use bordeaux-threads instead.) - Code related to the MOP has been removed. (Use closer-mop instead.) - Code related to gray streams has been removed. (Use trivial-gray-streams instead.) - Code related sockets has been removed. (Use usocket, iolib, or in Hemlock's case, the connection API instead.) - The package SWANK-BACKEND has been renamed to CONIUM. It is currently being maintained by David Lichteblau and retains its original public domain status.

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