CSV parsing/writing utilities, a la Microsoft Excel

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Alain Picard <alain.picard@memetrics.com>


CSV parsing/writing utilities, a la Microsoft Excel. Author: Alain Picard <apicard@optushome.com.au> (also alain.picard@memetrics.com) Notes ----- Differences from Faré's CSV reader: * this one can import DOS formatted files into a unix image, and not have the redundant ^M splattered at the end of the fields. This is important when processing a file on a Unix server which is being uploaded via HTTP by some poor schmuck on a windoze box. * Handles empty trailing fields properly * comes with test suite, to see the semantics I've chosen to implement * I've included a couple of high-level goodies, like do-csv-file and map-csv-file, as well as the ability to control the range of line-numbers on which to apply your code. Pretty simple stuff, but useful. * You get a CSV-file writer, for free! :-)

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