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Declt (pronounce dec'let) is a reference manual generator for Common Lisp. It extracts and formats documentation from ASDF systems, including the system itself, its local dependencies (subsystems), components, packages and an extensive list of definitions (variables, functions etc.). The formatted documentation comes with full indexing and cross-references.

Reference manuals are generated in Texinfo, which can subsequently be converted into info, HTML, DVI, PostScript or PDF.

Quick Start

In your favorite Lisp REPL, type this:

(asdf:load-system :net.didierverna.declt)
(declt:declt :my.asdf.system)

You will end up with a file named my.asdf.system.texi in the current directory. This is a Texinfo file that can further be compiled into various formats, such as Info, HTML, or PDF. For example, in order to get a PDF, type this in the same directory:

makeinfo --pdf my.asdf.system.texi

And enjoy reading the resulting my.asdf.system.pdf...

More information

The DECLT function accepts a number of keyword parameters for tweaking the output. Please refer to the docstring for more information.

A typical example of a Declt-generated reference manual is that of Declt itself.

Declt also comes with a user manual. Please see the projet's homepage.

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