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Declt (pronounce "dec'let") is a reference manual generator for Common Lisp libraries. A Declt manual documents one specified ASDF system (considered as the "main" system), and all its local dependencies (subsystems found in the same distribution). This is what is collectively referred to as the library.

Declt doesn't perform any kind of static code analysis, but instead loads the library, and then introspects the Lisp environment to discover what "belongs" to it. The generated documentation includes the description of both programmatic and ASDF components. Every such component description is called a definition.

Declt manuals provide a detailed description of the library's infrastructure by including definitions for every relevant ASDF component (systems, modules, and files), and Lisp package.

Exported programmatic definitions are split from the internal ones, which allows to separately browse either the library's public interface or its implementation. Both sections of the manual include definitions for constants, special variables, symbol macros, macros, setf expanders, compiler macros, regular functions (including setf ones), generic functions and methods (including setf ones), method combinations, conditions, structures, classes, and types.

Programmatic definitions are as complete and exhaustive as introspection can make them. Declt collects documentation strings, lambda lists (including qualifiers and specializers where appropriate), slot definitions (including type information, allocation type, initialization arguments, etc.), definition sources, etc.

Every definition includes a full set of cross-references to related ones: ASDF component dependencies, parents, and children, classes direct methods, super- and sub-classes, slot readers and writers, setf expanders access and update functions, etc.

Finally, Declt produces exhaustive and multiple-entry indexes to all documented aspects of the library.

Declt manuals are generated in Texinfo format. From there it is possible to produce readable / printable output in Info, HTML, PDF, PostScript, etc.

The primary example of documentation generated by Declt is the Declt Reference Manual.

Quick Start

In your favorite Lisp REPL, type this:

(asdf:load-system :net.didierverna.declt)
(declt:declt :my.asdf.system)

You will end up with a file named my.asdf.system.texi in the current directory. This is a Texinfo file that can further be compiled into various formats, such as Info, HTML, or PDF. For example, in order to get a PDF, type this in the same directory:

makeinfo --pdf my.asdf.system.texi

And enjoy reading the resulting my.asdf.system.pdf...

More information

Please see the projet's homepage, and notably the Declt User Manual

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