A simple library allowing you to write code using deferred libraries.

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Yukari Hafner <>



About Deferred

Sometimes I would like to include code in my project that is only available if certain libraries are loaded. Since I don't want to require these libraries as dependencies, but can't refer to their symbols either without them being loaded, things get a bit messy. This library attempts to provide a much more convenient way.

How To

Deferred uses two components: a dispatch reader macro on #^ and two macros, WITH-DEFERRED-LIBRARY or WHEN-PACKAGES. #^ is used to circumvent the reader problem of being unable to refer to symbols in packages that don't exist at read-time. The macro is used to then acquire access to the symbol's environment to figure out the proper transformation for the symbol into proper values.

WITH-DEFERRED-LIBRARY is used to specify deferred libraries that are needed at execution time. Meaning the required library can be loaded only just when the code block is executed.

(with-deferred-library (:drakma)
  (#^http-request ""))

Deferred symbols can be used in function calls, with FUNCTION and QUOTE and as values (f.e. special variables). Currently unsupported are deferred SETF functions as it's impossible to properly defer a SETF-expander until execution-time.

If instead you are looking for code that is only compiled when certain libraries are already loaded before yours, there is WHEN-PACKAGES. This macro only outputs code when the specified list of packages can be found, otherwise it expands to NIL. This is useful if you don't want to encounter the edge-cases and performance penalties of WITH-DEFERRED-LIBRARY and can depend on the fact that if the deferred feature is needed, its dependencies are loaded before your system.

(defun frillneckedlizard ()
  (error "NOT IMPLEMENTED!"))

(when-packages (:drakma)
  (defun frillneckedlizard ()
    (#^drakma:http-request "")))

If the default dispatch reader macro has been overwritten in your readtable for one reason or another, you can use (named-readtables:in-readtable :deferred).

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