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Introduction The deoxybyte-unix system provides access to Unix functions via CFFI. Some, but not all, Lisp implementations provide their own POSIX or Unix package. While deoxybyte-unix treads some well-worn ground in that respect, it should be portable to all Unix platforms supported by CFFI. Installation deoxybyte-unix uses ASDF for system definition. Copy or symlink deoxybyte-unix.asd (and optionally deoxybyte-unix-test.asd) to your asdf:*central-registry* and load deoxybyte-unix with the asdf:operate function: (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :deoxybyte-unix) or with the equivalent deoxybyte-systems:load-system function: (dxs:load-system :deoxybyte-unix) Tests To run the unit and regression tests you need to have LIFT installed. Run the tests with the asdf:operate function: (asdf:operate 'asdf:test-op :deoxybyte-unix) or with the equivalent deoxybyte-systems:test-system function: (dxs:test-system :deoxybyte-unix) Documentation See the Lisp docstrings, particularly the package docstrings for an overview. HTML documentation may be generated with the command: (dxs:document-system :deoxybyte-unix) at the REPL, provided that CLDOC is installed. Dependencies deoxybyte-systems git:// deoxybyte-utilities git:// deoxybyte-io git:// CFFI Optional dependencies LIFT CLDOC

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  • cffi
  • deoxybyte-io
  • deoxybyte-systems
  • lift

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