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Introduction The deoxybyte-utilities system provides general purpose utilities. These are for the most part simple, standalone functions and macros. Once a particular function or macro has been written more than once or twice in other systems, it normally gets moved here. Given the fluid nature of the contents of this system, its exported symbols are intended primarily for use by other deoxybyte packages. Installation deoxybyte-utilities uses ASDF for system definition. Install as described in the ASDF documentation and then load: (asdf:load-system :deoxybyte-utilities) Alternatively, use the equivalent deoxybyte-systems:load-system function: (dxs:load-system :deoxybyte-utilities) Tests To run the unit and regression tests you need to have LIFT installed. Run the tests: (asdf:test-system :deoxybyte-utilities) Alternatively, use the equivalent deoxybyte-systems:test-system function: (dxs:test-system :deoxybyte-utilities) Documentation See the Lisp docstrings, particularly the package docstrings for an overview. HTML documentation may be generated with the command: (dxs:document-system :deoxybyte-utilities) Dependencies deoxybyte-systems git:// Optional dependencies LIFT CLDOC

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