ASDF systems dependency listing and archiving tool for Common Lisp

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Eugene Zaikonnikov <>


Deptree: ASDF system dependency listing and archiving

1Enumerating system's dependencies

(deptree system-name)

Example: (deptree "hunchentoot")

The resulting list of system names is deduplicated and pruned of dependencies within same system directories.

2Listing dependencies' pathnames

(systems-paths dependencies)

Example: (systems-paths (deptree "hunchentoot"))

3Archiving system's dependencies

(systems-archive dependencies /tarball-pathname/ &key (sanitize-p t) (path-prefix ""))

Example: (systems-archive (deptree "hunchentoot") #p"/tmp/hunchentoot-deps.tgz")

Before archiving, make sure the dependencies are in fact present on your host. If you are using Quicklisp it's as easy as quickload-ing the system.

All systems directories are stored flat (with prepeneded :PATH-PREFIX) regardless their original absolute pathnames. Since feature-conditional dependencies are honored, please ensure you're archiving from the relevant platform.

Unless :SANITIZE-P is NIL, the function will clean up git and Mercurial DVCS data from the archives.

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