Event mechanism for Common Lisp objects

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Eitaro Fukamachi


BSD 2-Clause

Event Emitter

Event Emitter provides an event mechanism like Node.js for Common Lisp objects.

Mostly ported from Node.js 'events' module.


;; Defining Event Emitter class.
(defclass person (event-emitter)
  ((name :initarg :name
         :reader name)))

(defvar *user*
  (make-instance 'person :name "Eitaro Fukamachi"))

;; Attach a event listener for an event ':say-hi'.
(on :say-hi *user*
    (lambda () (format t "Hi!")))

;; *user* says 'Hi!' when an event ':say-hi' is invoked.
(emit :say-hi *user*)
;-> Hi!

(emit :say-hi *user*)
;-> Hi!

(emit :say-hi *user*)
;-> Hi!

;; Attach an one time event listener.
(once :say-hi *user*
      (lambda ()
        (format t "How's it going?")))

;; 'Hi!' and "How's it going?" will be printed.
(emit :say-hi *user*)
;-> Hi!
;   How's it going?

;; *user* doens't say "How's it going?" anymore.
(emit :say-hi *user*)
;-> Hi!

(emit :say-hi *user*)
;-> Hi!


There's already similar library named event-glue which you may like to know.


[Class] event-emitter

Base standard class for 'event-emitter's.

(defclass person (event-emitter)
  ((name :initarg :name)))

[Strucuture] event-emitter*

Base strucuture class for 'event-emitter's.

(defstruct (person :include event-emitter*)

[Function] (add-listener object event listener)
[Function] (on event object listener)

Adds a listener to the end of the listeners array for the specified event.

(on :connection server
    (lambda (stream) ...))

NOTE: add-listener and on takes 'object' and 'event' the opposite order.

[Function] (once event object listener)

Adds a one time listener for the event. This listener is invoked only the next time the event is fired, after which it is removed.

(once :connection server
      (lambda (stream) ...))

[Function] (remove-listener object event listener)

Removes a listener from the listener array for the specified event.

(defun connection-cb (stream)

(on :connection server #'connection-cb)
(remove-listener server :connection #'connection-cb)

[Function] (remove-all-listeners object &optional event)

Removes all listeners, or those of the specified event.

(remove-all-listeners server)
(remove-all-listeners server :connection)

[Function] (listeners object event)

Returns an array of listeners for the specified event.

[Function] (emit event object &rest args)

Executes each of the listeners in order with the supplied arguments.

Returns T if the event had listeners, NIL otherwise.

[Function] (listener-count object event)

Returns the number of listeners for a given event.


Copyright (c) 2014 Eitaro Fukamachi (e.arrows@gmail.com)


Licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License.

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