Basic functions and macros, interfaces, pure and stateful datastructures

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Francois-Rene Rideau


fare-utils is a package full of miscellaneous code that I've used at one point or the other while hacking Common Lisp code: macros, functions, classes, offering a variety of classic utilities and datastructures, plus management of package. LICENSE: This software is released under the bugroff license. Use at your own risk. http://tunes.org/legalese/bugroff.html At the insistence of several hackers, I hereby state what is obvious to me, that they can reuse any software released under the bugroff license and publish it as part or totality of packages under any other license they see fit, if it really matters to them, including a BSD-style license or a MIT license. Yes they can. Of course, if they choose a proprietary software license, they only deserve scorn. But even that, they may do! Reasonably debugged (test suite included): * pure data structures (avl-trees, hash-tables, fmim) Somewhat debugged (need to write a test suite): * stateful binary-heaps Untested: * stateful binomial-heaps Work In Progress: * basic-utilities * containers

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