Core of the Geneva document preparation system. Provides data structures and syntax sugar.

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Max Rottenkolber <>



Open Geneva

Geneva is the portable document preparation system. It follows the principle Write once, read anywhere. Geneva enables the creation and archival of truly portable documents by isolating document content and structure from document presentation.

Geneva achieves this by introducing a generic but well defined document structure independent from its stored representation. In addition to classic document features such as paragraphs, listings, sections, tables and text markup, Geneva defines a generic media type for embedding arbitrary content and enable extensibility in a plug-in oriented way.

Open Geneva is the reference implementation of Geneva written in Common Lisp. It implements Geneva and defines a diverse toolchain composed of input interfaces and presentation backends. Its input interfaces, such as the plain text oriented Mk2 markup language and the Geneva API, are user and programmer facing frontends to document authoring. Its presentation backends render documents to several targets including web, print and plain text media.



Dependencies (7)

  • file-types
  • macro-html
  • maxpc
  • named-readtables
  • split-sequence
  • texp
  • trivial-documentation

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